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AnthonyGonzalesClark's Profile Picture
Anthony Gonzales-Clark
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
I'm the artist of the popular webcomic Seasons. I draw comics for a living.

Kickstarter campaign for Seasons Volume 1 is now live! 6/5-7/13…

- Best way to contact me - you can try here or email me
- Please provide references, the more the better - describe in great detail if necessary or provide multiple photos
- Your commissions will be hand drawn and will be mailed to you - Expect extra payment if you are outside the United States. Shipping can be expensive ($11-$25 sometimes more)
- I use traditional tones but I am out right now. working on get more. For right now I use copic markers.


- Anything you want; OC, your favortie character; movie, anime, etc. friends and relatives, whatever
- Design / concept commission for your character;
- NSFW (just no yaoi or yuri or porno) - double price by the way (x2!).

CHARACTERS - SKETCH - INKED - No background - NO Color

Portrait (bust) - 60$ - (8.5 X 11) 80$ (11 X 14)

Pose Full body - 90$ - (8.5 X 11) $100 (11 X 14)

All Pencils
(NO COLOR / bust / Pose (front view) / full-body (Front view))
- 40$ - (8.5 X 11)

CHARACTERS - DETAILED + w/ Background - NO Color

Pose Full body - 200$ - (11 X 14)

CHARACTERS - DETAILED + w/ Background - w/ Color

Pose Full body - $400 - (11 X 14)

I will start drawing only after you send me 100% of the payment.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know! Thanks!

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I didn't know I wanted to do comics. Ever since I was a little kid I collected them. Never read them. Thought reading was boring. Saw the cool pictures and just wanted to draw. Glad I took a long hiatus and just waited until I was twenty-something to get back into it. Not that I was waiting.

I love movies. The visuals. The work that goes into them. Movies really helped me understand story structure and visuals. I analyzed them, watched whatever I could, bounced ideas off people, became a misunderstood high standard lover of film.. So I wanted to make a movie. Found out, it's not so easy. But that's not why I gave up. I was still figuring out a lot about Hollywood. There was just a lot of shady people I didn't want to get involved with. So I delayed my dream of breaking into the film business. I was awash in politics. I just couldn't get enough. My political opinions started when I was thirteen and just grew from there. I grew up punk rock (whatever early 2000 punk rock was) and I always did the opposite the crowd. Not because they did this so I'll do that. I eventually found out that I was politically conservative. Just hear me out... I thought, "How could this be!?" I was into punk, I loved watching foreign films, I'm an artist, I'm creative, I play the gee-tar... I don't know. I just never rolled with it. I thank my parent for my inquisitiveness. I liked what I liked. I said whatever came to mind. If something didn't make sense, I asked. However dumb the question. If something bothered me, I tried my best to speak up about it. If I didn't like someone, I said it to them. Eventually, all the films that I liked, I ended up despising. I started to recognize that culture was heavily affected by artists and I didn't want to be a part of the propaganda machine. I wanted to understand it more. So, what started was a journey I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing. but I plunged in enthusiastically.

Fast forward. I always pontificated whenever the topic of film was brought up, when politics came up, when any uncomfortable topic came up, I had something to say. I just wanted to know.. things.. why someone thought this way or that... Maybe I missed something, I need a different point of view. What was the rationale!

Anyways, I eventually met someone, not romantically, who was a writer. He was different because he actually wrote stuff instead of just saying he was a writer. So we had a lot of the same problems about stories 'these days.' So he recommended a lot of different titles and I eventually found my calling. But it didn't end there. I still had a lot to learn about ... I don't know. I just had a lot to learn.
We parted ways. But now equipped with this new understanding of story and comics, I thought well, I can't make a movie, maybe I can make a comic... Eventually. Five years later, I still don't like a lot of the movies out theses days. Really rare for one to stand out and isn't infected by political correctness. The same thing goes for comics. Things are just getting worse. Seeing that there is a new politically correct sheriff popping up daily, it best to start creating hubs to counter and take down and expose them for what they are: anti-american anti western virtue signaling extremists... There is a culture war going on. Time to start fighting back with pen and ink and paper and story.

Hiya! Okay, so.. I have been working on a webcomic for the past year called Seasons. I do all the art for the comic by the way (hehe). A kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise the funds to make an actual printed book. Which would be a collection of the first 4 issues. I need $6500 and I'm about half of the  way there! Click on the link to see the campaign. $20 get's you the book. But you can donate any amount you want. There are different rewards for higher donations. Also, If you know anyone else who might be interested, please share the link on the site. Thanks & God bless!…


Nico Robin Pencil Sketch

- Finished! and Speed Art video is on YouTube…

Nico Robin pencil sketch

I'm going to ink this. Just so you know haha. I really like the pencils and going to really try to get my traditional skills up. This is at a time my tablet is no longer working. I have been wanting to get really good as a traditional artist. Late 80s early 90s artist. Just not the style of course. Though a lot of great classic techniques were used like shape, form, and silohuette.

There was lots of things I wanted to add. For instance something that is distinctly Nico Robin: her look, her casualness, maybe even the multiplicity of her arms .. But But I just stuck with the two arm, basic stance, a low angle shot, show off the beauty and feminine qualities and attributes that make Robin feminine and attractive. Oh and also Getting ready for inktober...


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